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LOTS Wholesale Solutions, a leading business-to-business wholesaler in India is focused on providing a one-stop-shop solution for its valued customers. LOTS has been serving its registered members including Retailers HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, caterings) and service providers in Delhi NCR. Currently, the company operates through 4 physical stores and a digital store in north India.

To provide the best customer service, the brand is using perfect blending technology with a personalised touch and facilitates an immersive offline-to-online (O2O) experience.

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Established in India in January 2017 and started its operation in July 2018, currently LOTS has 4 stores in Delhi NCR.

The brand ethos and 3-C philosophy hinge on the premise of creating MORE VALUE for the country, the community and the company through excellent customer experiences.

LOTS stores are HACCP certified and follows government norms of food safety standards and quality control.

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We cater to multiple segments of business customers in India through a membership based system

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About CP Axtra

CP Axtra Public limited company is Thailand’s largest cash and carry operator, in business since 1988 under the brand name “Makro”, operating through 144 stores, employing over 15,000 people and catering to over 3 million registered members in the country. The company follows a customer-centric strategy with a focus on product development. Customers get access to the best prices, along with unmatched quality and hygiene, owing to Makro’s emphasis on controlling end-to-end processes. With multiple store formats like Makro Classic stores (for small retailers), Makro Food Service stores (for HoReCa), Siam Frozen (for frozen food needs) and Siam Food service (for premium food products), the organisation caters to the diverse needs of its business customers and continuously work towards always upholding their motto of being ‘Your Trusted Partner’.

CP Axtra PLC is established as a retail and distribution company with a registered capital of Baht 750 Million.

Makro opens 1st store in Lardprao

Gets listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand


Re-models store format to focus on 'Cash and Carry' and expands Fresh sales area to create differentiation from other operators


Organizes the 1st 'Makro HoReCa Extravaganza' to provide knowledge of the food service industry to Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers(HoReCa).

Initiates 'Makro Retailer Alliance' to enrich members with practical know-how and best business practices to help them increase their Competitiveness

Opens the 1st 'Siam Frozen' shop in Chiang Mai, making it the 1st pilot store of its kind selling mainly frozen food.

Opens a pilot Makro Foodservice store in Hua Hin to provide a one-stop solution for Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers (HoReCa)

Opens 13 new stores- the highest number of new stores opened in a year throughout Makro's 25 year history

Awarded Thailand's Top Corporate brand award 'Rising Star' 2014 Award.

34 Makro stores are awarded the 'Excellent Labor and Welfare Award 2016' from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

Expands to Cambodia

Expands to India with the 1st LOTS Wholesale Solutions store in Delhi NCR