We cater to multiple segments of business customers in India through a membership-based system.

We welcome business customers from all domains, including:
  • Retailers, shop owners
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes, sweet shops, caterers and food stall operators
  • Small and large corporates
  • Institutions and companies – government, public, private, societies & trusts
  • Professional businesses or firms
  • Small and medium business owners
We provide our members with a multitude of benefits besides a world-class shopping experience:
  • A wide range of product selection at stores based on detailed research specifically catered to your region and market demands
  • Transparent pricing at all of our cash & carry outlets
  • Round the year promotions
  • Quality products at value-for-money prices
  • Consistent product availability at all times providing you surety of supplies and freeing you from hassles of carrying unnecessary inventory
  • Our private brand products as well as your favourite national and international brands in different pack sizes
  • Convenient purchase options of buying from our stores or purchasing online through our members only website or application
  • Cheerful staff, always ready to help
  • And a host of other benefits and international best practices to help you manage your business requirements better.

Our membership is open to business customers having a valid business/trade licence issued by government authorities.

For becoming a member, you will have to provide a copy of licence/registration/permit/GST registration/certificate of incorporation/registration as a society or registration as public trust to

The items purchased by our members must be used for business purposes only.

However, if you are an institution having certificate of incorporation or a registered society/public trust, the items may be used for captive-consumption.




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To start purchasing with us and register for our membership, click the link below or call us at 1860-123-5687.