LOTS Wholesale Solutions receives overwhelming response from its Partners

Press Release-New Delhi, February 9, 2018

New Delhi, February 9, 2018: LOTS Wholesale Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of Siam Makro,today organised its first partners’ meet with the aim to create a robust network of suppliersthat would feed into its two stores which ready for a roll out in the second quarter of 2018.Manufacturer brands have shown keen interest in the new cash and carry format and haveextended their support. The company had recently announced its foray into the Indianmarket with plans to launch 15 stores over the span of three years within Delhi NCR.

Talking about the partners’ meet, Tanit Chearavanont, Managing Director, LOTS WholesaleSolutions said, “At LOTS Wholesale Solutions, our endeavour is to understand the needs ofour B2B customers. Being closer to the consumers and analysing purchase patterns, we willbe able to identify trends that that market will adopt. Our aim is to share these insights withour supplier partners and jointly develop solutions that can make a positive impact on thebusiness operations of our customers, comprising of kirana, HoreCa and institutions. Thiswill be a win-win for all.”

Suchada Ithijarukul, Group CEO, Siam Makro Public Company Limited also graced the eventand was seen interacting with several attendees. Commenting on the DNA of Siam Makro,she said, “We are now poised for MAKRO 4.0 that aims to bring benefits of digitisation toour customers and suppliers. This is targeted towards the next generation of customers andwill enable our suppliers to grow with us in the digital age. We have partnered with SMEsand local brands and have shared the knowhow to ensure that they are able to achieveefficiencies in their operations.”

The company plans to invest over INR 1,000 crores (INR 10 billion) in the first five years.First two stores of LOTS Wholesale Solutions will be opened in Delhi NCR in 2018. Thecompany is known for its ability to bring specially curated assortments for each of its microcatchments to attract B2B consumers and stakeholders like traders, resellers, hotels,restaurants, caterers, food based start-ups, farmers, corporates and SME’s. Additionally,exhaustive Food Safety Training and Quality control, customised last mile delivery, localisedsourcing of food products, credit facilities to members and suppliers, transparent pricing atall touch points and leveraging technology and innovation at all levels will all be facilitatedby the organisation.

About Siam MakroIn India, it is launching operations as Lots Wholesale Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of SiamMakro. Leaders in the cash & carry business, the company’s main focus in India will be onmeeting customer’s needs and ensuring satisfaction. It will realize this through acombination of research and advance technology solutions with regards to product storage,packaging and display.

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