Store Associate

Job Key Details

1-5 years


Responsible for assisting the Supervisor and/ or Manager in managing the department, in terms of achieving sales & profit to budget targets and above, controlling stock level, minimising shrinkage and operation costs, maintaining and improving stock display/presentation, providing high standards of customer service and preparing the assigned area as per customer specifications. Duty of care with company assets.

Specific duties and Job function:

  • Assists as directed in receiving and merchandising of delivered products and stock in storage
  • At all times pays attention to customers’ needs / inquiries ensuring high levels of customer service; make eye contact and greet customers, accompany customer to the specific location of an item they are searching for
  • Complies fully with dress and uniform regulations, including GMP requirements and safety protective wear
  • Assists as directed to maintain cleanliness of stock, shelves and working area (housekeeping) at requirements level; never leaves a spill unattended
  • Assists as directed to maintain high standards of stock presentation and display stock replenishment; remove and handle correctly any damaged or poor quality products from sale
  • Assists with ensuring signage and railcards are correct and up-to-date
  • Assists as directed in conducting stock take activities
  • Carry out any other duties assigned
  • Ensures all SOPs are adhered to as defined by the organisation

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