Section Manager-Loss and prevention

Job Description

Position : Section Manager-Loss and prevention
Location : Store
Experience : 2 years
Qualification : Bachelor's Degree


  • Ensures safety and security of all customers, shop lifting, vandalism, counterfeiting, robbery, andburglary
  • Ensures safety and security of all employees , company assets, inventory control, cash handling theft, fraud, security access violations, facilities and equipment damage
  • Patrols the premises (interior and exterior) at regular intervals.
  • Understanding on suspicious activities happening nearby.
  • Reviews camera positioning to ensure obstructed views are being monitored if possible
  • Maintains a good working relationship with local law enforcement; stays aware of issues in the community and current trends in the marketplace
  • Apprehends a criminal if necessary and turns over to authorities
  • Can document Incident Reports, ensures proper distribution, and works together with SGM to determine corrective & preventative actions; handles any legal action required.
  • Teaches LP employees to spot fraud and stop theft; works to increase shrink awareness throughout store
  • Works closely with ALC Manager to determine high-shrink items; ensures LP staff closely monitors, as well as “blind” (obstructed) areas in the store
  • Ensures that all employees adhere to Safety & Security procedures and policies, including wearing protective safety wear and using proper safety equipment when required; discusses infractions in other departments with appropriate Section Manager
  • Ensures that damaged assets are handled following proper procedures; reviews Damage Inventory Report and matches to Stock Correction forms
  • Ensures that all operators of Forklifts, Stackers, or Electric Jacks are certified
  • Assumes responsibility for compliance regarding BCM (Business Continuity Management), DR (Disaster Relief), and Emergency Procedures; schedules evacuation rehearsal
  • Ensures that all employees in LP Department are trained in CPR/First Aid/Fire Fighting; schedules training for other store participants
  • Maintains and arranges activities regarding emergency Call-Tree policy
  • With SGM approval, schedules and manages store Fire Drill training and testing
  • Assumes the responsibility as and holds training certificate of Occupational Safety Officer
  • Assumes active role in Safety Committee; ensures that Incidents and Good Idea Boards are kept up-to date
  • Acts as liaison with Audit Department (Head Office) to review possible internal fraud or theft
  • Acts as liaison with PCS out-source company to review PCS Security or PCS Cleaning issues
  • Regularly reviews Merchandise “In & Out” control book (at Reception Desk) for irregularities


  • Regularly reviews Lost and Found (at Reception Desk) to ensure proper handling
  • Assists Admin Manager with annual fixed asset inventory
  • Ensures highest level of customer service from entire LP Department personnel; when possible, eye contact is made and customers greeted (exception of plainclothes staff)
  • Ensures LP Department personnel complies with company dress code, including protective safety wear; monitors safety wear requirements in other departments and discusses infractions with appropriate Section Managers
  • Ensures all employees are cross-trained in various LP functions (LP Staff, Greeter, Checker, Trolley Helper) so that employees can be rotated into different positions if need arises
  • Meets with SGM on weekly basis to review outstanding issues, as well as when needed to discuss critical points


Education and/or Job Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Law, or related field
  • Previous experience in conducting legal or ethical investigations
  • At least 2 years of high-volume retail operations experience preferred

Core Competency

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong observation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Works effectively with store management and law enforcement
  • Cooperates with all departments
  • Strong interrogating (interview) skills
  • Good training skills
  • Open-minded
  • Fair and consistent
  • Professional
  • Forward thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Not easily distracted
  • Able to work for long periods of time walking or standing
  • Able to work varied hours, including late night
  • Able to maintain confidentiality
  • Able to work under pressure

Technical Competency

  • Good understanding of latest computer and video technology (CCTV)
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of CPWI policies, rules and regulations
  • Good understanding of CPWI cash management policies and procedures
  • Good understanding of computer register records
  • In-depth knowledge of CPWI emergency procedures
  • Knowledge of criminal law is preferred.
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Key Job Details

  • Country: India
  • State: Delhi
  • City: Store
  • Category: Store General Manager
  • Required Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Position Type: Administration
  • Employment Type: -
  • Contract Type: -
  • Req ID: -